PRO-KNOT Fly Fishing Knots

Twelve great knots for fly fishing.

PRO-KNOT Outdoor Knots

Essential rope knots for all outdoor uses.

PRO-KNOT Boating Knots

Boating knots that are waterproof – imagine that!

PRO-KNOT Fishing Knots

Twelve of the best fishing knots.

PRO-KNOT Saltwater Fishing Knots

Knots for big game fishing.

Pro-Knot Knot Tying Kit

PRO-KNOT Knot Tying Kit

Practice your knots with cordage, carabiner and rope knot card.

Fisherman’s Ultimate Knot Guide

Ten best knots and folds out to a twelve inch ruler.

Pro-Knot Apps

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The best knot app on Google Play by far. Over 100 knots!!! Pro-Knot App for Android Phones! Features 102 knots - 50 rope knots and 52 fishing knots (most of any app in Google Play) with swipe-through step-by-step illustrations plus all knots are animated too. It makes learning to tie knots fun and easy!

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The Grandaddy knot app of iTunes with 122 knots!!! 13th version, continually updated for free. Pro-Knot App for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad (not iPad optimized)! Pro-Knot App has Step-By-Step swipe-through illustrations and instructions for 122 knots - 64 rope knots and 58 fishing knots (most fishing knots in the iTunes Store). Now features all knot animations available as an optional in-app single purchase. A previous "What's Hot App", Previous #1 Sports App in USA, #1 Sports App in 41 countries, and always a TOP 100 APP IN ITUNES SPORTS CATEGORY!

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New! Pro-Knot App for the Windows Phone! Features 70 knots - 39 rope knots and 31 fishing knots with step-by-step illustrations and fully animated movies. Take full advantage of your Window Phone’s unique interface with this beautifully designed and highly functional app. It makes learning to tie knots fun and easy!


Fishing Knots and Rope Knots by Pro-Knot

The knots included on all of our Knot Cards have been very carefully researched and curated. They represent the best knots from each applicable category of knot. As such, the Knot Cards provide a handy quick reference for a reliable knot for most any situation.

There are of course literally 1,000's of knots out there and if you would like to learn how to tie many of them, please visit our sister site There you will find the most extensive library of fishing knots on the internet, over sixty of the best rope knots and even necktie knots!

See all of our knots, animated and illustrated at

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