HOOK-IT Hook Organizer

Attention Bass Fishermen!!!

These unique fishing hook holders are designed to group, secure and neatly store straight shank and off-set hooks in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hook Organizers™ easily adjust to secure small finesse hooks or beefy flipping hooks. Hooks are removed easily one at a time without disturbing the other hooks.

Interlocking two Hook Organizers™ together creates one compact hook group for horizontal identification, rust prevention and tangle free access.

Hook Organizers™ are specifically designed to store fishing hooks securely within divided plastic storage containers (Plano boxes) and common tackle boxes.

"Hook Organizers™"! Give yourself the advantage of a tangle-free, rust-free fishing hook organizing system with easy access to every to hook in your tackle box!
Just $6.75 per package of 4 Hook-It organizers delivered!

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